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Information of facilities and service

General Information Counter

Location Domestic Terminal Building 1F / Arrival Lobby
  • General information counter
  • Rent-a-car and limousine bus information
  • Baby stroller and wheel chair rental services
  • Sightseeing Information
    (In addition to Fukushima, this counter also has sightseeing maps for Tochigi, Ibaragi, Miyagi, Niigata, and Yamagata Prefectures´╝Ä Feel free to take what you need.)
Contact Fukushima Airport Building Co.,Ltd.
TEL: 0247-57-1511 (06:50-18:30)
* If there is nobody at the information desk, call 386 for inquiries, using the internal phone on the counter.

Travel Brochures

We offer various tours with domestic and international flights and with connecting flights from other airports.
There are tours for families, friends and groups. Come in any time for free information.

Location Domestic Terminal Building 1F / Arrival Lobby

Tourist Information for All Areas of the Prefecture

Brochures for each of the three regions of Fukushima Prefecture are here: Aizu (west), Nakadori (central), and Hamadori (east).
Travel brochures from almost all the cities and towns are on display, and are available for distribution.
You can find ample information about wonderful sightseeing spots with natural beauty that varies every season.

Location Domestic Terminal Building 2F / Departure Lobby

Information on Lost and Found

Lost and Found contacts are subject to where your articles are lost or left behind.

Within the terminal building Fukushima Airport Building Co.,Ltd.
TEL: 0247-57-1511 (6:50-18:30)
Inside the airplane ANA Air Service Fukushima Co.,Ltd.
TEL: 0247-57-1201 (7:00-20:00)


Sukagawa Police Department, Airport Security Office

Location Domestic Terminal Building 1F / Next to Arrival Lobby
Contact TEL: 0248-75-2121