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Restrictions at Fukushima Airport

The following activities are not permitted within the airport building.

  1. Carrying of explosive inflammable, or other dangerous objects; unclean objects or objects with an offensive odor.
  2. Smoking outside designated smoking areas.
  3. Bringing animals into the building, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind, animals in gauges treated as airfreigt.
  4. Entry to areas where there is a "Staff Only" sign.
  5. Parking in areas where there is a "No Parking" sign.
  6. Sale or distribution of articles without permission; or any other similar business activity.
  7. Presentation of signboards, flags, banners, etc. without permission.
  8. Discarding or throwing down garbage or waste, etc. anywhere other than in designated areas.
    Leaving hand luggage unattended.
  9. Holding meetings, advertising and publicity campaigns demonstrations, and collections; distribution of fliers and leaflets, or similar activities without permission.
  10. Taking photographs, making films, or filming or recording for television or other media for profit without permission.
  11. Touting for business for taxis, cabs, buses, etc.
  12. Any other activity which will disturb the safety and order of the airport building or cause a nuisance.

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