"Kofukucho" sculpture (Sculptor: Kyubei Shimizu)

In Front of the Terminal Building

This sculpture in front of the terminal building is a symbol of Fukushima Airport, and represents a new face of Fukushima and our hopes for great progress into the future.

[A word from the sculptor]
My original idea was to have the shape of the sculpture match the concave part of the glass panels of the terminal building. The name of the sculpture, "Kofuku-cho" comes from "Fukushima," its location at an airport, and its shape which resembles a bird.

"Zansho" (Lacquerware artist: Hiroshi Tsunoda)

1F / Ticket Counter

This piece of lacquerware, "Zansho," (afterglow) is located between the International Arrival Lobby and the ticket counter. (June 1999 work)

Large Ceramic Boards "Utopia" (Design and supervise by Hori Fumiko)

1F / Ticket Counter

This shows hearty cheers for the revitalization of Fukushima.
The theme of which is the importance of every life nurtured by the rich nature surroundings in Fukushima.
(Donated by Japan Traffic Culture Association on February 16, 2014)

"Shatabi" Art Gallery

1F / Ticket Counter

"Shatabi" is a journey via photographs. This art gallery invites you to enjoy scenes of Fukushima's natural beauty and the lifestyles of its people, which cannot be found anywhere else. (Opened on October 1, 2009.)


2F / Domestic Terminal Building / Left-side Wall

On the left-side wall on the way from the second floor to the third floor is "Botan"(Peony) by Mahorihougen Yoshitaka. (donated by the Sukagawa Rotary Club on March 20, 1994)
The third floor can be reached via the stairs, an elevator, or an escalater.

Red Biplane

3F / Amenity Plaza

The original model is an S.E.5a fighter aircraft which was designed by the Royal Aircraft Factory in Britain in 1916 ,and played an important role in World War One.
In 1985, the American scale-model company Squadron redesigned it as a microlight plane for aeronautic sports by reducing its size to about 75% of the original.
It looks like a model airplane, but it is a real one.
The engine was removed in order to lighten the weight.
It is hanging from the ceiling, displayed in the air to show what it looks like when flying.

[Specifications] S.E.5a
Overall length 4.72m x 3.2808 = 15.5ft
Wingspan 7.47m x 3.2808 = 24.5ft
Weight 113.5kg x 2.2046 = 250lb
[Performance] Air-cooled type Engine:Horsepower 35-hp
Cruise speed 90km/h x 0.53996 = 49kt