Indoor playroom for children "Wakuwaku Land Tamakawa"

Wakuwaku Land Tamakawa opened on Oct. 27th, 2012 as an indoor playground in Tamakawa village.
This facility has a lot of play equipment mainly made by BorneLund INC.
It is a unique playground in which children can enjoy seeing the flights landing and taking off.

Location Domestic Terminal Building 3F
Area 232m2
User Children under second grade of elementary school and their parents
(Children must be accompanied by adults.)
Opening hours 90 minutes substitution (capacity of 80 people for each period)
1. 10:00~11:30
2. 13:00~14:30
3. 15:00~16:30
Admission fee 100 yen (children and adults)
(Except residents of Tamakawa village and children under six-month-old)